Greg Kadel we salute you...

Greg Kadel is an amazing photographer and is up there with been one of my favourites. I've got a photo shoot coming up soon and I dug out some of his stuff for inspiration. Enjoy some of is best shots that I have picked out.

T x


Hot Crops...

After last weeks post about Emma Watsons new pixie crop it really got me thinking. Over the past few years I've been trying my best to grow my hair but the more it grows the more I think is long hair for me? The longer it gets I feel like I look more like a young school girl. I've been thinking about going for the crop more and more, especially with 2011 just round the corner and the whole - new year, new you. I think I need a few more sleeps before I decide but for now enjoy some great looking pixie crops.

T x


My My, How You've Grown...

I think we have all noticed by now Emma Watson's new hair cut. At first I'll be honest I wasn't the biggest of fans but after seeing her at the Premier of the new Harry Potter movie, WOW. I slowly find myself reaching for the scissors and hacking off a few inches of my own hair. Emma is going from strength to strength, not only is she wanted by every top fashion designer but she's turning in to a right little stunner. Emma wins my vote every time.

T x

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

T x


Attracted by the Light...

Over the past few weeks myself and my creative team have been locked away in a micro sized room with only pizza and cups of coffee as our source of fuel (ok not so much the coffee for me as I don't like the stuff... blurgh!). We have been working on a new campaign for Black 'n' Red note book, I will follow up with the new campaign stuff when it goes live. In the meantime we have employed a photographer who goes by the name of Paul Moffat aka 'Moff'. Paul is a Manchester based photographer who has a great eye for finding beauty in things we might think are mundane objects.

S M A S H I N G!

T x