Change of Heart.....

Today i did something totally out of character. Something i have mocked others for ever since i was able to pick my own clothes. Something my friends know i am renowned for despising. Yes, today i wore double denim. I did, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Admittedly i didn't look any where near as good as the models at Chloe but boy did i have a good go. I know I'm a hypocrite and when said friends do eventually read this i will get plenty of stick for it, but I'm really pleased that i tried it. It's not for everyone, but hey maybe it is actually for me...

L x


  1. You do look slightly ashamed by doing it!!

  2. Hell no!! i'm not ashamed! I just don't want my ugly mug in the shot :)

  3. Love who ever left this comment!! T x