Attracted by the Light...

Over the past few weeks myself and my creative team have been locked away in a micro sized room with only pizza and cups of coffee as our source of fuel (ok not so much the coffee for me as I don't like the stuff... blurgh!). We have been working on a new campaign for Black 'n' Red note book, I will follow up with the new campaign stuff when it goes live. In the meantime we have employed a photographer who goes by the name of Paul Moffat aka 'Moff'. Paul is a Manchester based photographer who has a great eye for finding beauty in things we might think are mundane objects.

S M A S H I N G!

T x


All in a days work....

Me (the ginger one) and Kumi (the model) rocking the new fabric collection. He's 16 and has the best fro this side of Yorkshire....oh, and i think he is absolutely gorgeous!... Is that wrong?

I can hear the sirens approaching.....

L x


Keeping within the Lines...

24hr insight in to my life. Starting with last night I decided to finish off the last few episodes of the 1st series of the Wire that I have been watching, yes I know I'm more than a few years behind and now I'm very sleepy this morning. Yawn. All worth it tho as it's my last day today before a long weekend spent squatting in a field attending the V Festival. But back to more important stuff... WORK. I'm having a meeting today with an illustrator who goes by the name of Mark Howe, I'm getting him to have a look at my pretty trashy doodles in the hope he can make sense of them and create some fab illustrations for a current ad campaign of mine. Ok so that's not quite 24hrs but the other very boring 8 hrs will be spent packing, curry take away and sleeping.

Please see some of Mark Howes work attached.

See you all in a few days.

T x


Take it baby, take it baby...

I know it's abit late in the day to be harping on about Rihanna. But my god, is she the best thing that ever happened or what? I look at her and actually salivate, like, all over my keyboard. It's a shame she's dyed her hair red, but you still would wouldn't you? Today i'm gonna go for my traditional Sunday lunch Rihanna stylee- Zebra accessory n' lot. I'm sure that'll go down a treat with the folk of Yorkshire....

L x


Getting to know Jeffrey Campbell...

Over the past few weeks the name Jeffrey Campbell seems to be invading my life, from magazine mentions to blog talk I can't seem to escape this name. Jeffrey Campbell is an amazing shoe designer and his name seems to be spreading fast across the ocean. I've already been on his website and placed an order for a pair of his fabulous wedges. Be warned tho a lot of the shoes seem to sell out fast so don't hesitate when reaching for your credit card.

T x