I want a Tattoooooo...

I've been wanting a tattoo for so many years now but I still can't bring myself to get one. I don't think it's so much the fear of needles but more the fear of changing my mind every 5 mins. At the moment I'm thinking about getting an outline of a love heart on the inside of my arm but this will probably change by next week.

Some food for thought

T x

Girl Crush...

Enjoy the sun people.

T x


Another week, another pair of shoes.

Oh, and another injury. This time my big toe! So my gorgeous new shoes have been filled with ugly feet! How rude.

Anyway, i've had another splendid weekend. Dancing with the girls, ice-creams with George. Perfect. Oliver even took me to an art gallery on Sunday. I wonder what he's done wrong...

The working week has been good to me too, i started writing some stuff for works blog today, so now i am a fully fledged blagger. I mean blogger. What's the difference eh?

Missing Brown lots too this week, hurry home gorgeous!

L x


Kool as Karla...

I wanna be like you...

L x


I'm being sarcastic.

As if you didn't already know.

L x

Week 2...

And breathe.

So this is week 2 of my new job. I'm really pleased to say everything is going great, I nearly decapitated the mannequin on my first day, (they won't forget me in a hurry.) The only downside to working in this industry is the responsibility of buying new clothes. It just pains me to do it. Of course i need new sunglasses for the the studio. And everyone at work HAS to own a pair of clogs, it's practically written into the contract. Then there's the problem of a 50% discount. I know, it's hell. Oh yes, and having to read fashion blogs at work, come on, who wants to do that. To top it all off i have to attend a fashion shoot on Thursday, pffft, what's that all about. It's a good job i don't get annoyed easily or i'd have left by now. Next week i have to meet the new male model. I just don't know how i get up on a morning...

Then at the end of all that Oliver forced me out for Celebratory drinks and dinner.

I just don't know how i do it.

L x