Take Me Home...

I've been up and down the country this week freelancing between Production and Advertising. My life has pretty much been non stop and due to that fact I fell ill yesterday and found myself bed bound for 24 hrs. Thank the lord for my mac book as it kept me from going under as I was able to scroll the internet for beautiful people and catch up on my trashy programmes.

T x


Today's the day....

Wish me luck......x

L x


Out of Office...

Due to my lack of blogging I've been feeling very guilty and as a result been having sleepless nights. I have been overloaded with work this month and you can find me passed out on my sofa with a half eaten late night bacon butty in one hand and a smoke in the other. On the other hand work equals money and money equals shoes. This is my lazy post with some great pictures that I found for inspiration.


T x


Sue who?...

i just adore men with curly hair. Recently i've spotted so many men on the highstreet sporting a permed doo and i think it's just the sex. I'm not talking greased up Ronaldo curls but dry, natural, messy, i wanna grab hold of those curls in the heat of the moment curls. Oooooh. Anyway. Here are some pictures of some of my favourite Curly Sue's...

James Franco. My my, somebody has obviously been eating his crusts.

L x



I've been asked to go to the York races which was a prefect excuse for anyone to go by a new pair of shoes. In my case I really did, after having a quick rummage around in my wardrobe I discovered that non of my shoes were really Lady like enough for such a posh bash like the races. So on my lunch I quickly nipped out and found these little beauts!!

Can you tell that I too was inspired by Gingers earlier posts to get my Polarize app out.

T x

Gone Fishing...

TOPSHOP has launched it's new make up range... and I'm L O V I N G it! Every day I keep finding myself walking past a TOPSHOP and finding myself adding to my ever growing mountain of make up. I don't know whether it's the playful packaging I love so much or the beautiful palette of colours they seem to offer.

The ranges houses everything from: blush, balm, 'brighten' illuminating pen, bronzer, eye crayons, eyeshadows, glaze lipgloss, gloss tubes, kohl pencil, liner pen, lips, mascara, nails, polish tinted balm, skin glow and skin tint. Phew and that's not all...

T x


Warning!!! Lack of blogging due to been stranded on a Desert Island because of the never ending ash cloud.

So it's been awhile since my last blog update as I've been gallivanting round the country stretching myself (and my bank balance) thin with freelancing work, interviews and birthday party's. This has been my first free weekend in a while to finally catch up with you folk. I don't have long as I'm back up at 6 in the morning and away from home for another week. Right now I don't have much to tell you as to my whereabouts as every thing is a bit hush hush right now. But watch this space and I'll keep you informed.

T x



I spent most of the day yesterday pottering around my house, mostly moving things from one place to another, trying to make it look tidier. I'm a bit of a hoarder, therefore i find it difficult to keep things looking tidy. I've had to fold some of my clothes into boxes under my bed. I HATE having to do that. You forget what you've got and end up wearing the same things over and over, because trawling under the bed with 4 minutes before the train is too much effort. So if you see me wearing the same thing alot you know why. At least i can sleep in a tidy bedroom. Rachel Says it's got good karma. Karma Schmarma i say.

Pictures courtesy of my new I-phone Application. (As if i now use anything else.)

L x



L x

Catch up...

It's been a mad couple of weeks. Job interviews in Leeds, job interviews in London, job interviews in Manchester. Together we've cried over shoes (or lack of) we've cried over men and I in particular have cried over a possible cracked rib. Ouch.

But we're on the mend and raring to go. I start a new job a week on Monday and i must say i'm shitting my panties already. I could barely even breathe on the way to the interview (caused by nervous chain smoking?) So much so that i nearly turned the car around and headed for home. But luckily enough and much to my surprise, after the second interview i was given the job. Hooray i'm a grown up! To celebrate my new grown up status i went out and purchased an i-phone (amongst other things.) And i must say i'm chuffed to bits with it. Last night in bed i downloaded an application (don't feel quite ready to call it an app...) that turns your photos into polaroid. (Because obviously the polaroid camera i have in the cupboard just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.) I think i've gone polaroid crazy. I'm already considering changing the name of the blog to "Ginger and her polaroid application" Not quite sure how Brown will react to this but i'll work on it. So i hope you enjoy looking at pictures of me and my crew. I particulary like the polaroid of me painting a wall. It's art sweedy.

P.s Brown has a new job too. And she's earning more money than me. The bitch.

L x