Spotted... Ms Richie at Selfridges...

We managed to spot Nicole Richie launching her new clothing collection Winter Kate at Selfridges in London last month.

The name of her collection comes from her daughter Harlow's two middle names. Nicole also has a jewellery range named House of Harlow, Leigh bagged herself a gorgeous little (or should i say massive) ring last year. Her stuff can be found at ASOS or My Wardrobe. http://www.my-wardrobe.com/house-of-harlow.html

Nicole has gone from just being Lionel Richie's daughter of the 'Simple Life' to a style icon in her own right, it just shows what ditching that dreg Paris Hilton can do for you. Her new clothing range has been inspired by her own fashion styles, which includes hippy pieces and floral designs. And we think it's just gorgeous.

Here are the few pieces we managed to snap from Nicole's new Winter Kate range out now at Selfridges. Let me warn you that the little black lace cardigan you see there is one of only 3 in the UK and 3 in America.

If any of you have forgotten what Nicole use to look like in her former days of glory here's a reminder....

Why o'why... ?? But we love her now and adore her new range.

T x

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