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It's been a mad couple of weeks. Job interviews in Leeds, job interviews in London, job interviews in Manchester. Together we've cried over shoes (or lack of) we've cried over men and I in particular have cried over a possible cracked rib. Ouch.

But we're on the mend and raring to go. I start a new job a week on Monday and i must say i'm shitting my panties already. I could barely even breathe on the way to the interview (caused by nervous chain smoking?) So much so that i nearly turned the car around and headed for home. But luckily enough and much to my surprise, after the second interview i was given the job. Hooray i'm a grown up! To celebrate my new grown up status i went out and purchased an i-phone (amongst other things.) And i must say i'm chuffed to bits with it. Last night in bed i downloaded an application (don't feel quite ready to call it an app...) that turns your photos into polaroid. (Because obviously the polaroid camera i have in the cupboard just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.) I think i've gone polaroid crazy. I'm already considering changing the name of the blog to "Ginger and her polaroid application" Not quite sure how Brown will react to this but i'll work on it. So i hope you enjoy looking at pictures of me and my crew. I particulary like the polaroid of me painting a wall. It's art sweedy.

P.s Brown has a new job too. And she's earning more money than me. The bitch.

L x

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