Week 2...

And breathe.

So this is week 2 of my new job. I'm really pleased to say everything is going great, I nearly decapitated the mannequin on my first day, (they won't forget me in a hurry.) The only downside to working in this industry is the responsibility of buying new clothes. It just pains me to do it. Of course i need new sunglasses for the the studio. And everyone at work HAS to own a pair of clogs, it's practically written into the contract. Then there's the problem of a 50% discount. I know, it's hell. Oh yes, and having to read fashion blogs at work, come on, who wants to do that. To top it all off i have to attend a fashion shoot on Thursday, pffft, what's that all about. It's a good job i don't get annoyed easily or i'd have left by now. Next week i have to meet the new male model. I just don't know how i get up on a morning...

Then at the end of all that Oliver forced me out for Celebratory drinks and dinner.

I just don't know how i do it.

L x


  1. Leigh... you make me sick :P Hahaha..
    kidding.. I'm so happy for you!

  2. Dominik i miss you!

    I feel really silly for posting that now! Nobody likes a show off!!

    aaaah fuck it!