Keeping within the Lines...

24hr insight in to my life. Starting with last night I decided to finish off the last few episodes of the 1st series of the Wire that I have been watching, yes I know I'm more than a few years behind and now I'm very sleepy this morning. Yawn. All worth it tho as it's my last day today before a long weekend spent squatting in a field attending the V Festival. But back to more important stuff... WORK. I'm having a meeting today with an illustrator who goes by the name of Mark Howe, I'm getting him to have a look at my pretty trashy doodles in the hope he can make sense of them and create some fab illustrations for a current ad campaign of mine. Ok so that's not quite 24hrs but the other very boring 8 hrs will be spent packing, curry take away and sleeping.

Please see some of Mark Howes work attached.

See you all in a few days.

T x

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