hello again sailor.....

Well as you have just found out my partner in crime is now on the market. (Form an orderly queue.) I on the other hand am still very much in a loving relationship. However, i do at times feel that i get that little bit comfortable. Gone are the days of checking myself in the mirror as the door bell rings. Now my darling Oliver turns up and i am either sat on my computer/with a head in a magazine, in my dressing gown with my hair scraped back and ice cream down my face. He says he doesn't mind, but which of you reading this actually believes that? Exactly. So, from this very day i am going to make a conscious effort to look fabulous all of the time not just for Oliver or others but for myself.

i"ll let you know how long this one lasts.

P.s Thought it would be rude not to....

L x

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