Hello Sailor...

"Just because a relationship has ended doesn't mean the world has to. It's just the beginning."

A few weeks ago my relationship had ended with a guy and I started to go through the motions. But instead of feeling down and glum I felt quite the opposite. Now that the relationship has ended I found myself filling my time up with the things that I never had time to do before. Like this Blog, updating my CV, sorting out my wardrobe and so on. All the little things that I never got round to doing. And now I have a great blog, a fabulous new job, a great wardrobe and feel great. Is this right? No tissues need here only more time in the day. So girls instead of feeling down, get up, wash your face and start doing the little things you never had time for and see where life takes you.

Oooo... and here are a few things that helped me through the day.

T x

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