Waving goodbye to LWF but not it's trends...

So were back from one of the most looked forward to events of the year... London Fashion Weekend. After a few hectic days of burning out our credit cards, bleeding feet, smelly spanish boys, and not forgetting spotting Nicola Richie in Selfridges launching her new clothing range. We have seen all London had to offer and more, and now we're back in the safety of our bedrooms with a wardrobe that's fit to burst... or is that me after one too many donut's??

London Fashion Weekend was hosted by the very lovely and model like Louise Roe. Louise Roe is a television presenter, fashion journalist and stylist. She is best known as the fashion correspondent for E! News. Ms Roe even admitted to having a pair of Primark boots on that just made us even more jealous! This girl made a pair of Primark boots look a hundred dollars. I'm now on the hunt for a pair of these boots, will post when I've fought off every other girl in town.

Here are some of the hottest trends that we can all look forward to straight off the catwalk...


"Imagine you are walking through ST IVES with a clotted ice-cream, or meandering down Brighton pier eating candy floss and you'll be imagining the palette for summer"

Light, airy, white with accents of pastels dominated the Catwalk for Spring Summer 2010.


"Arthur Ransome meets Tim Burton in one of this seasons key trends".

From luxurious layers, ruffles and textures. The trend combines layered mismatched pieces of luxe and denim with classic nautical tailoring and gothic leather.


This trend is all about creating looks using a mixture of vintage, high street and designer. Go wild and mix it up!!


Since launching her first collection in 1981, Betty Jackson has created highly desirable clothing for the intelligent and individual woman with an intriguing blend of experimental cutting and understated elegance. Go out and invest now!!

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